James Glade

"Minds are like parachutes,
they only work when they are open."
- James Dewar

My Family

I have only lived in Utah. I was born and grew up in the Salt Lake city area. We then later moved to Sandy where my family currently resides. I am the oldest child of four children in my family.

Family Picture Unavailable

My dad is a pharmasict and is working at Maceys. My mom is a reading teacher who has a teaching degree and loves to hlep elemntary school children improve their reading. My grandpa who depicted above, was a stock broker. He is one of the people that have encouraged me to study accounting at BYU.


I love to play sports. I have been playing many different kinds of sports since I was a young man. Some of which were, soccer, basketball, raquetball, tenis, and volleyball.

Me skiing

I love being outdoors. Since I am from Utah, I perfer to be in the mountians. I love to hike in the summer and ski in the winter. One things I love to do is watch professional skiers. Here is one of my favorite videos: Candide Thovex

I also love music. I took piano lessons for many years and have basic skills of sight reading sheet music. But through school, I have sang in many choirs. Some of which consisted of students from the whole state of Utah. I don't like to sing solos unless in a karaoke setting.

Here is a video of me singing with an LDS Missionary choir:

Goals/Future Plans

  • Getting Married in August.
  • Graduate from BYU with a Masters degree in Accounting.
  • Work full time as a public auditor.